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We’ve included websites where you can find the movie with English subtitles.

CLASSICS Alex Holeh Ahava (Alex is Lovesick) (1986) Following a young Polish boy around the time of his bar mitzvah celebration, “Alex Holeh Ahava” is about puppy love and hilariously eccentric families.

Hagiga B’Snooker (1975) contains an immortalized scene printed on Israeli posters and sometimes hung in Israeli burekas shops of one of the main characters, Azriel (Yehuda Barkan) as he goofily tries to trick a rabbi into believing he is a religious Jew, while his mouth is filled with burekas pastry.

The story involves twin brothers — one pious and one a hoodlum –who run a bar where people go to play snooker, otherwise known as “pool.” CULT COMEDIES Ahava Columbianit (Columbian Love) (2004) Forever remembered for the hilarious and bloody scene where the groom smashes the glass at his wedding and it goes directly through his foot, this comedy features many of Israel’s principal comedic actors in a story that shows the struggle of marrying someone from another culture whose family doesn’t approve of the union.

As a vegan for six years, Haimovich is outspoken about animal rights and the environment and has effectively used her status as one of Israeli’s best-known journalists to bring attention to those subjects.

She also brought the Meatless Monday movement to Israel and helped convince the Knesset to serve vegan meals on Mondays.

Prepared to leave her family behind for all time, she finds her goodbyes and subsequent wedding delayed as she must deal with the bureaucracy of two very different countries.Late Summer Blues (1987) A film that young Israelis still relate to, “Late Summer Blues” poignantly captures the hopes, fears and realities of a group of Israeli teenagers in Tel Aviv about to enlist in the IDF during the early 1970s.

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