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This means the resource centres are open to any interested persons provided that common regulations are observed.Research Park: One of SPb U's most important tasks is implementation of its own research support programmes.The activity of SPb U's spin-offs is aimed at practical implementation of intellectual activity results.10 small innovative enterprises have been created and now operate at St Petersburg University: The outstanding academic staff is a most valuable resource of the University.

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It became an important official holiday of the Soviet Union, celebrated with elaborate popular parade in the centre of the major cities.

Meanwhile, secret haters deliver maibaum wrapped in all-white streamers, the old-school equivalent of a “thumbs down.” In Italy, May Day is called Calendimaggio or cantar maggio.

Singers called maggerini deck themselves out in flowers and fresh green sprigs of alder.

The products of “Elinar-Broiler” poultry farm occupies the special place in each store.

The whole assortment produced by the poultry complex is represented in the stores: the chicken meat, semi-products made of chicken, beef and milk products, which were duly appreciated by the buyers.They go from house to house, singing songs about spring in exchange for small gifts like eggs, wine, and sweets.