Gay marine dating

30-Oct-2020 23:45

The shore police came to my house and arrested him and took him back to base. All can throw their legs over their heads and remain semi conscious while moaning for hours without repeating the same moan twice.

I was one, and dated many--after I was no longer active duty.

All I've ever heard about marines came from george washington. He would often suggest to Martha, his wife, that she d dress up as a marine if they were ever to have sex.

Martha didn't look good in those loud colors of a marine uniform, so they never met under sheets.

The smart Marines I have met are very bright, though they are *all* Semper Fi. If you are a no-nuke pacifist, it is not going to work out.

I've got plenty of stories in regard to dating Marines, but I don't give aid to a fucktard like you, OP. Thanks for the advice (except for overly sensitive R9, who doesn't recognize friendly use of the term "bitches" when she sees it).I can't imagine why she stays with him, because there's nothing that would make me put up with his bullying for even one night of hot sex.Corn-fed Marines from the Midwest, and slightly goofy and mean as hell looking Marines from the backwoods of the South, and brown-skinned Mexican-American Marines with the blood of Aztec warriors running through their veins are the kinds that make me hot!I'm versatile, but I've dated total bottoms as well as total tops in the past, so it doesn't bother me if someone has a strong preference there.

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I will happily pound his Marine ass into next week.

I had one Marine try to choke me while I was fucking him.