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So, for example, when you’re going to be on vacation, you might set up your out-of-office notification in Outlook indicating that you’re on vacation (and sharing any relevant information, such as whether you’ll be checking email and who your backup is).

The company came under much scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission throughout the 1960s, and ultimately was forced to change its advertising and branding policies to clearly indicate that it was not directly related to the original Waltham company, and that its products were not made in America.

We rewind to Seung Nyang discovering the intruder in her tent, which also happens to be her first meeting with Ta Hwan.

Waltham International SA manufactures and distributes Waltham Swiss Made watches in the luxury watch market.

Specialized clocks and chronographs for use in aircraft control panels continued to be made in the Waltham factory by the Waltham Precision Instruments Company until the company was sold in 1994.

The anime bears some similarities to Azumanga Daioh but that has better writing.

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Maybe one day they'll make something decent to somewhat helpless in their individual predicaments.

Several different plans were presented to restart the business, but all failed for various reasons.