Healthy vs unhealthy dating relationships

26-Sep-2019 14:10

Further, if your partner was abusive toward you, even if it was only once, there’s a greater chance that this will continue in the future.In fact, the best predictor of future behavior is the behavior that he or she has exhibited in the past.Namely, feeling hopeful about the future, enjoying your time with your partner and having control over your own life are important components of a healthy relationship.There are certain changes that you can make to take the health of your relationship to new heights.There are many signs that you’re in an unhealthy and potentially harmful relationship.In addition to your partner’s attempts to try and control you, engage in destructive behaviors around you as well as his or her inability to be forthright, your feelings of apathy, indifference and hopelessness about your future together are also clear markers of an unhealthy relationship.And while having a spat here and there doesn't necessarily mean your relationship is doomed, how you and your partner communicate when things heat up can change your relationship.

Even if it’s hard for you to feel vulnerable, challenge yourself to open up more, and don’t be afraid to let your partner in.

You’re in a very healthy relationship, and you should feel excited about the future.

It’s clear that both and your partner treat each other with respect and compassion, and you make each other stronger.

But the most important indicator of a healthy argument is how both parties behave.

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"There's no belittling, devaluing, name-calling, or insulting your partner," Dr. "Both parties are able to listen, to problem-solve, to compromise.You have the power to change your current circumstances and live the life you deserve.

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