How to avoid dating an abusive creep

04-Apr-2020 20:51

Suggest meeting up, either just the two of you, or with a group. They can be as simple as "hey, grabbing coffee after class, want to come with me?" All you're trying to do is stay connected with a friend, not become the ringmaster of her social life.When it comes to heading off her bringing him along to these meet-ups, there are a couple of approaches you could use.One is to make it clear that you want it to be just you and her who hang out.The other is to use approaches such as "girls only paintball/dinner/D&D time!" as a socially acceptable way to get her to hang out sans creepy dude.In case she is being emotionally manipulated/abused/whatever, I want to show her that she has a network of friends other than him who care about her and support her.She won't spend time with friends without him though, and none of us (especially not the people he has harassed and abused) want to be around him. Oof, this is a tough spot, and I'm sorry you've found yourself in it.

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You can't make her stop dating him: she's an autonomous person who gets to make her own choices about who she dates.

If your abuser isolated you from friends and family, you may find that you no longer have that support network — but there are always people who want to help.

Though in general most mail support enquiries are answered by within a couple of hours.… continue reading »

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