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19-Oct-2019 21:29

Stephanie Kifowit, who introduced the legislation, said Friday. While Wood concluded officials hadn't broken the law, she said that determination shouldn't be construed as condoning how they dealt with Walgren, especially telling him he could be charged and may have to register as a sex offender.

"We need to recognize that the brains of young people are not fully developed and they need to be dealt with differently. What happened to Corey should never happen again."The most sensitive question surrounding the tragedy — whether school authorities shared responsibility for what happened to Walgren — was addressed by the federal judge in the civil case. District Judge Andrea Wood prompted her to toss the suit. The judge said child pornography was not found on Walgren's phone as suspected and that officials had falsely accused him."Faced with the implied threat of such consequences, it is perhaps unsurprising that a previously well-adjusted teenager's emotional state could deteriorate to such a point that he would contemplate taking his life," Wood wrote in a 22-page written opinion.

HB 4606 Creates an appeal process for students found in violation of residency requirements HB 5472 Expands the definition of "victim" under the Crime Victims Compensation Act HB 5576 Mandates insurance companies provide coverage for all contraceptive drugs approved by the FDA HB 5660 Amends Public Construction Bond Act.

Laws make the list based on their importance to the public and how broadly they affect key issues such as safety, ethics, workers' wages and benefits, and criminal justice reform, the Senate Democrats said.

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