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03-Jan-2020 15:11

But overall I have found most of it to be nothing but positivity.Of course it comes with so many uncomfortable and probing questions like “Do you not like black guys?“Your children will look so adorable; mixed babies always are!

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All of the stares from strangers are worth being with the one you love.

” I have no problem with black guys, but I just so happened to have fallen in love with a Hispanic guy. ” My parents have told me that they just wanted me to be happy, and if I was, they were. Both pairs were surprised at first, but have been warm to each of us.

Another topic that always seems to come up is our future children.

Although we cannot be completely similar, respect and being aware of sensitive topics that we might not agree on help smooth any disagreements that may happen. Going into an interracial relationship, I wish I would have known how easy it was.

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I had heard so many horror ‘meet the parent’ stories that I had braced myself for the worst.

They expect me to be dating an African American man and are taken aback when I state otherwise.