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The meaning you get from her book will, therefore, be your own.

Now and then the author does underscore a belief to which she has been converted.

She has generally de- pended on first-hand journals and has stuck to them. Miss Mirsky, when she invites comparison by juxtaposition, does not in my opinion give too much glory to Nansen but fails to give quite enough to De Long.

She does not overstate the importance of Nordenskiold, but in seeming to place Amundsen nearly as high she is unlikely to meet the final approval of the thoroughgoing and meticulous historians for whom her book of popular trend opens the way.

This may have resulted in an apparent confusion in nomenclature 5 e.g., Victoria Island is variously referred to as Victoria Land, Wollaston Land, and Prince Albert Land, depending on the date of the exploration and the region touched at 5 the words "Sound" and "Channel" are some- times used interchangeably j and the spelling of proper names varies.

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Those messages conflict, for the explorers contradict each other and sometimes themselves.

They are nationalist, they are moral, but their chief bias is for the aggrandizement of a particular class, that of seamen, or, even more narrowly, naval officers.

It is an over- statement, though not much so, to say that Markham's greatest ad- miration, and yours if you follow him, is for the sturdy seamen who differed from beasts of draught chiefly in that they were harnessed by themselves rather than by their masters to sledges which they dragged over snow-covered lands and winter seas.

By holding up before our youth the glorious example of "heroes who conquered the Frozen North," these writers expect to fit the rising generation for the Waterloos of peace and war.

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They seem to feel that a read- ing of biased narratives, more deceptive than fiction through being partly true, will stiffen moral fibre and lead to a variety of good results.919.8 M67 Keep Your Card in This Pocket Books will be issued only on presentation of proper library cards, 4 Unless labeled otherwise, books may be retained for four weeks. The Story of Arctic Exploration from Earliest Times to the Present TO The Story Earliest Times to te Present JEANNETTE MIRSKY THE VIKING PRESS FIRST PUBLISHED IN SEPTEMBER THE ORIGINAL TEXT OF THIS BOOK, AS WELL AS MUCH OF THE QUOTED MATERIAL, IS FULLY PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED IN ANY FORM WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE VIKING PRESS (i N THE CASE OF MISS MIRSKY'S TEXT) OR THE ORIG- INAL PUBLISHER OF THE QUOTED MATERIAL (AS INDICATED IN THE "REFERENCES" ON PAGE 367). BY JEANNETTE MIRSKY DISTRIBUTED IN CANADA BY THE MACMILLAN COMPANY OF CANADA, LTD.