Intimidating shout spell id

19-Jun-2020 06:48

intimidating shout spell id-56

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I want to have it only show if it detected something and show the countdown. I've set it with the "smart" option and hidden icons.If I run /juked test the addon seems to work fine untill the first group of cooldowns expires and disappears(pummel, kick etc.).This is similar to the one I did with Warlocks that you can find here:

Juked has ~65 cooldowns being tracked on the main bar and an optional priority bar where higher priority spells are displayed(interrupts by default).It is not currently possible(to my knowledge) to track Smoke bomb as it does not cause a combat log event.I'll add it if/when I find a viable way of tracking it.if you could Real ID me and send me the script that would be great.. Sorry I am probably going to ask a question that comes across as stupid, but you don't know if you don't ask. I m back to the game and i see that some spells are missing.

Like hunter's freezing trap, detterence, and dissengage.

At that point the text on the other icons disappears (the icon remains in its place for the correct amount of time but the text on it just goes away).

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