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14-Nov-2019 12:50

I felt very grateful and extremely lucky and really excited and just on top of the world.To know that people were that interested in me and that the producers and everyone at VH1 thought I was you know “something.” They saw something in me and I thought that was just magical. It’s hard to, you know, you gotta be interesting and funny, and beautiful or whatever and hopefully people love you and they watch you and your career flourishes and you go on [Laughs] Did the show feel real? For me as an aspiring actress and someone who aspires to be in the entertainment business I have been lucky enough to have a taste of it. There’s Daisy and then Daisy on the show and those lines don’t blend.That was my first television show I ever did so I just sorta went with the flow.You ended up getting your own solo show Daisy of Love, what was that experience like?

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Some of the challenges were based on situations they might encounter if chosen to be Bret's girl.

What was going through your mind when Bret called your name first?

I wanted to believe that I was wrong, but I knew deep down inside that he wasn’t going to pick me.

” but in my head I’m like, “Oh my God, I look like crap right now!

” Right after the final elimination, you said that if you’d known how hard it would be, you never would have participated in the show.It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Daisy de la Hoya. Daisy de la Hoya: I’ve been doing a lot of traveling around the world and working on music and getting involved in activism and animals rights. I had been pursing the arts for pretty much all my life and I found the [Rock of Love] casting director on My Space.