Is it worth dating a beautiful woman

07-Nov-2019 14:40

Katy Perry and Gabrielle Union don’t look like Katy Perry and Gabrielle Union first thing in the morning. But you have to own that lack of compatibility, not blame it on “Well, she’s hot so…”.

Dita Von Teese is famous for talking about the process she goes through to become, well, Dita. Finding that women have depth isn’t something you get a cookie for; it’s part of the qualities that help keep couples together.

Why would this catch declare his new restraint from dating hot women?

Because after years of dating “2o-something blonde models”, he came to the sudden realization: The Onion but that one could buy vanity op-eds in the New York Post, the Internet responded with the level of roasting we come to expect when outlets publish absurd, self-important intellectual masturbation.

Despite the insistence that hot women are vain, vapid and stuck up, even the most attractive don’t want to be known or valued for their looks.Beauty may be skin deep, but dating someone requires getting under someone’s skin to the meat beneath – and Rochkind wasn’t willing to do so.