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But this topic is such a generational one, as in, you really had to live during the 1960's (as I did) to "get" the Beatles, the resultant British Invasion, and the IMMENSE cultural influence that was concomitant.And Paul was undeniably a beautiful man in his twenties. Then John met Yoko and Paul met Linda and they each became practically obsessed with their wives.Because vegetarians usually eat eggs and dairy, and some qualify themselves as such if they eat fish also. To Julia, the man came first and foremost, the boy came in a far second.r29, perhaps that is because the Stones are still the post-Brian Stones, while half the Beatles are dead.If you think audiences are clamoring for new Stones songs, you'd probably be wrong.She says he is not one of those phony-friendly "I'm just like you" types. She says they all stand about tensely before the party when he comes in, checks all the food - the placement, the taste, etc -- asks for changes about where things should go and sometimes doesn't want something served if he tastes it and doesn't like it for some reason.All his food is vegetarian but he serves a LOT of caviar.

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They are among the very worst when it comes to paying their bills. He wasn't a "chav", r13, he was a middle-class grammar school boy, like George Harrison.I was kind of surprised by that because isn't caviar fish fetus?

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