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04-May-2020 12:15

CELEB PR READING THIS, PLS NOTE: Get some creative on, really! Here’s the latest on this social media-driven crazy merry-go-round.

Peepingmoon: The speed at which some young Bollywood stars play the Dating Game, leaves us breathless.

While the genius of music composer Amit Trivedi got rave reviews, Aadar’s performance went unnoticed.

Now there’s talk that the young Kapoor is getting a second shot at stardom in a comedy that Farhan Akhtar is planning.

Not long ago, we had heard that Aadar was dating Athiya Shetty. Also, these young kids probably justhang out together, party together, network together... Doesn't mean they're involved in a serious relationship?

Their Instagram accounts had several pictures of the two (along with others in their BFF circles) and word got around that they were a couple. Media sees 2 insta pics together and goes 1 1 = 11!

His mother being Reema Kapoor, Aadar is also the grandson of Raj and Krishna Kapoor and nephew of Rishi and Randhir Kapoor.

Aadar, 25, made his Bollywood debut in YRF’s forgettable 2017 musical drama .

Having hosted conventions in Chicago (1994), San Francisco (1996), Houston (1998), Los Angeles (2000), Mahwah, New Jersey (2002), and San Francisco (2004), the YJA Board and Executive Committee were veritable experts in hosting such a large group of youth, in addition to recruiting scholars, Jain monks, and inspirational speakers, all attuned to the needs of young Jains in the modern world.He will be re-introduced in a different way, is what is being said.Aadar is spotted playing football with Abhishek Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor and hanging out with Tara.It's not her first gig in London but when she later takes to the stage, the level of adoration in the audience's reception clearly surprises her.

A recent slot on Jools Holland may have helped spread the word but her hard graft and the fact of came out in France in 2015 and, as the rest of the world is catching up to it, Jain seems to be enjoying clothing songs which are, by now, all too familiar to her with fresh arrangements and bringing them to new audiences.This was after Athiya was said to be seeing cricketer K. Rahul who was himself reported to be in a relationship with Punjabi actress Sonam Bajwa. The last rumor was about her and KL Rahul getting married coz he got approval from Sunil Shetty. Even though this looks like Tara's PR could it be a rival's to malign her character?