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The first owner held onto the car for 12 years until handing over the helm to John Cupelli in 1999.

According to records, it was John (the second owner) who decided this 930 needed more power.

If you’ve dreamt of converting a 911 to RUF standards, this 1987 Porsche 930 Turbo could save you serious coin—someone else already picked up that tab.

So here is my footnote for the series: Les Newsom, Britton Wood, Brian Sorgenfrei, Justin Clement, Matt Howell, John Stone, Tim Keller, Jay Denton, Sammy Rhodes, John Cox.

The founder’s son, Alois Ruf Jr., naturally became obsessed with automobiles after growing up around his father’s repair station. began tinkering with Porsche’s deadliest weapon, the 930 Turbo, by cranking up the snail-fed flat-six with more boost—the rest, as they say, is history.

opened up a small petrol and service repair station in Pfaffenhausen, Germany called Auto Ruf.

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The car was at least partially resprayed, if not entirely repainted, to accommodate the added vents but was done so with great care and the results are impeccable.

The 3.3-liter flat-six was punched out to 3.4 with a twin-plug setup and stuffed with Carrillo connecting rods, RUF pistons, RUF cams, larger intercooler and turbocharger, custom exhaust manifolds, and tune.