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He was born in Novi Sad and worked in a bunch of local newspapers and covered all sorts of stories.

star Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn—ran on Showtime, it developed a well-earned reputation for its raucous and plentiful sex scenes. So we couldn’t leave out the scenes of passion.” If you missed the initial run of the series, here are 5 samples of the royal erotica that awaits you.

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She actually had a much smaller part at first, but thanks to her ability to perform on screen her role was expanded.”, “City of Life” and “Fence Walker.” In 2010 she made her first stage appearance in Young Vic Theatre in London. “Captain America: The First Avenger” (2011) and “Silk” (2011).Natalie played the character of Mizi in “Sweet Nothing” for six months and would decide that it was time for her to move to other projects. In 2012, Natalie Dormer started playing the character of Margaery Tyrell on “Game of Thornes.” The popularity of the HBO series and her immense performance there earned her a lot of rewards as well as the entire cast of the show.The increasing work load that Natalie Dormer has been getting with all the new shows have affected her salary.

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She is now very much accustomed to getting bigger roles and has “Game of Thrones” mostly to thank.

Marko Kovač or Mark is an experienced author and has been a journalist for a very long time.