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I would usually recommend this place but from my recent stay there I wouldn't.

And they also have bed bugs, won't be getting a room here anymore. Suited the needs of my situation, with respectful customer service for the week or two I was there. The Pops Old Man, my good friend rented a room here for three days, six blocks from where we lived just so our friends could use the pool. If you enjoy trashy people who let their annoying dogs bark for hours, ghetto douchebags bumping bass in their cars in the parking lot all night, and the least comfortable mattresses that money can buy, then you might consider this a 5 star resort.

As their religious leader, the Sanhedrin try to keep an uneasy peace. See more » With the most recent Biblical movies that Hollywood has come out with, Noah and Exodus, the main complaint, at least from the Christian viewer-base, was that they didn't stick to the accuracy of the Bible; in this film they do - so it has that going for it, if you're a Christian.

At the top of the IMDb page it lists this movie as Action, Adventure, and Drama; but in reality it's pretty much just drama.

The following people are/were housed in the Canyon County Jail for criminal offenses.

This list does not include juvenile offenders, SILD reflected in this online database.

Thankfully, this isn't another "God's Not Dead" where they smack you in the face over and over again with how awesome Christians are and how terrible atheists are - it basically just sticks to a fictional storyline of what might have happened to a Roman centurion who is in charge of finding the missing body.

The bottom line is this movie is the very definition of "good" to me, not bad, but not great..good.

It's not bad that it's Drama, but it is a slower paced movie - I only point this out because that is one of things I like to know when going into a movie.His response ignites a journey that impacts everyone it touches in ways that only God could orchestrate.

They are exotic enough to be noticed yet not too exotic that their beauty is already strange.… continue reading »

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Classic three stripe style with velcro closures and waffle patterned sole.… continue reading »

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It is important that deaf/Ho H employees have access to all training materials to have a fair chance at succeeding in their new job.… continue reading »

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