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The office worker comes from an Italian-American family in Bensonhurst.

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The one area where it is least certain is jungle fever, which Lee uses as his starting point, and then leaves behind as quickly as possible.

And back in the luncheonette, inhabited by a stable of Italian-American regulars, the news that Paulie's girl is dating a black man is received with anger and yet ambiguity by his friends, including one so swarthy that he himself has experienced rejection, yet is doubly racist as a result.

The mysteries and traps of pigmentation have always fascinated Lee, who told uncomfortable truths about them in his second film, "School Daze," and again this time gives us a lot of frank talk.

When word gets back to the local communities about the new romance, it does not go over well.

Flipper's wife is enraged and his father deeply offended (not least by the adultery), and all of Angie's relatives and friends react with shock. He keeps burrowing, finding the truth beneath the pain, in dialogue of brutal honesty, as when Drew reveals her own deepest reasons for being hurt by her husband: she herself is half-white, has always suspected Flipper married her for her lighter skin color, now fears that color is also why he left her.

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