Just dating myspace codes

02-Apr-2020 03:44

i would just like a simple code to put in my about me or who i'd like to meet section that makes the font smaller. im kind of confused but if you want to make the font of anything smaller just type <small> hope that helps.

i've seen this on other profiles, profiles of which do not contain a layout (just alot of codes) so i no you can do it.

how do i make the font in my myspace extended network smaller.

i do want generators, or pictures or anything like that.

I tried the text area thing on mine and it still didnt work..

Wednesday, March 07, 2007 (This is from my blog on myspace and is in my bonus chapter of the book where i did freestyles and some very non traditional writings) "Myspace Dating" by Anthony Hanes Part 1 Current mood: artistic **ok people its been a while since I did a freestyle...working in mental health and finishing a book is not easy but..we go.... PEACE....Part 2 Thanks to all of you for the support. THANKS FOR ALL OF THE LOVE.book will be available in Borders and Barnes-n-Nobles (also amazon.com)...update coming soon....

"Myspace Dating" thoughts could have stayed just that…a thought and a laugh…cyber should never be reality and the bruises on her arms proved it…the five weeks of charm and …the hell is this on the other end of this phone…proved it…The third punch to her jaw introduced her to that concrete…several loud screams and the door bell ringed…Busting through the door was her husband who was shipped to Iraq six months ago…six hours ago he called but the yells drowned out the phone…he was on his way home…bored seven months ago Sharon joined myspace for a little leisure…now three tombstones read…THIS IS THE RESULT OF ONLINE DATING…a place where people meet…a place where…EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME…cheers…

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as the waiter sent a drink to each party…this was the start…this was the initial greeting into foreign lands that should have never been invaded…never been thought of as a place of elation…"Myspace Dating"…a world where everyone is a star…everyone is so special…so creative…so kind…so nice…but what about the real closet where our clothes reside…what about how people really are inside…a lot different than the bulletins that one might possess…and all you see is how they stress this positive persona…time doesn't lie…time was created by the father so his children only need to read the clock…Four months later Sharon found out what Tom did best…not the music that he produced…not the New York Times Best Seller list…rather…a temper that manifested into physical aggression…as verbal lashes weakened her back…she wish she could go back…to that moment…when her…I also had a number of friends on there and figured I would see what all the hype was about. If 5 people viewed each of their profiles, that's 25 more new friends. Maybe you'd get a job doing security testing with a good firm, and not basing how "kewl" you are because you can write a little script. but i saw my friends freaking out that you were on their kinda dissapointed. But Samy, care to tell us how to get around the ban on embeds now that you've wrecked havok?! I would reallt appreciate it if you coauld teach me a thing or two.