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There are six levels in all to complete, with up to 15 stations.

Each round takes approximately four minutes per dog to complete at levels one and two, increasing to five minutes for levels three and above.""The exercises involved in Rally are varied and fast-paced, including anything from heel work to recall and more."MORE INFO"Rally is easy to get involved with, regardless of level, breed and size of dog, as long as they are registered with the Kennel Club." "A dog’s nose is 1,000 to 10,000 times more powerful than a human's so any scent-based games are a great way to challenge your dog and have fun.""The easiest way to engage your dog's sense of smell is to hide a treat, then encourage them to find it but by saying ‘find it! Start by hiding the treats in your dog’s view, then begin placing the treats in less obvious places; under a sofa, behind a door or even hidden in your dog’s bed.

"There are hundreds of games which will mentally engage your dog; you can get creative and make a puzzle for your dog yourself – like a treasure hunt – or hide treats in different cups and change the order to see if your dog can sniff out the treat.""There are various dog puzzle toys too, which usually involve your dog using their canine dexterity to get a treat-based reward inside."Most dogs are suitable for this game, although it may be easier if your dog is older. Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox.

Including standard puppy paperwork, puppy contract information, puppy microchipping and other certificates that your breeder will provide, such as AKC registration documents When you take your new Labrador puppy home, your breeder will give you a puppy pack.

This is not a group for everyone obviously, I just ask that if you choose to join, please be an open minded individual and not trash or display hateful behavior towards others.

Dog games are an excellent way to keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy while also having fun.

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"Dogs that train in activities and play regular games are less likely to become bored and disruptive."Playing hide and seek with your dog is great training, although of course it’s always you who is hiding. One person ensures the dog sits and stays while the other person hides, then gives the release cue for the dog to start looking.""By having your dog stay while you hide, their recall will improve even if they can’t see you, and they will get better at staying and sitting.

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