Kjv bible verses on dating

03-Jul-2020 12:39

Some Christians and churches are so enamoured with the KJV that they refuse to use, or give credit to, any other translation.

The stance of these Christians has been referred to as King-James-Onlyism.

“The KJV Bible we use today is actually based primarily on the major revision completed in 1769, 158 years after the first edition.”[3] King James believed that a single, authorized version was a political and social necessity.

He hoped this book would hold together the warring factions of the Church of England and the Puritans that threatened to tear apart both church and country.

(The translation rules of King James can be found here and here.) The political motives of King James had a direct influence on the translation of the KJV.

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The Douay Rheims Bible (1582-1609) was translated from the Latin Vulgate, rather than Hebrew and Greek, for the Roman Catholic Church.[1] Much of the KJV, which was first published in 1611, borrows heavily from earlier English translations, especially Tyndale’s New Testament and the Bishop’s Bible.Furthermore, the KJV was not the first approved or first authorised English translation.