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The club's landing page - find all relevant information like the actual squad, related news, recent rumours and the most important information on the club's performance.

Board Member and Policy Director e Państwo Foundation "A project we are developing with Open Data Kosovo, is that it recognizes the need of Kosovo for digitalization of the procedures for validation of the compliance of municipal acts with the applicable laws overviewed by Ministries." Mayor Municipality of Prishtina "The opening of the data has increased the level of trust of the citizens in the Municipality of Prishtina and has engaged them directly in decision-making processes." CEO Millennium Foundation Kosovo "We need to support the institutions to open data but also to encourage the civil society use open data when advocating.

They were established by a Constitutional Amendment and a Law adopted by the Kosovo Assembly to conduct trials for allegations stemming from the 2011 Council of Europe report, which alleges serious violations of international law.

They are of temporary nature with a specific mandate and jurisdiction, namely over certain crimes against humanity, war crimes and other crimes under Kosovo law which allegedly occurred between 1 January 1998 and 31 December 2000.

More details on the background of the organisation are available via About the SC and SPO.

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Njihuni me njerëz të rinj Këtu mund të bisedoni, takoni njerëz të rinj, ndani interesat tuaja.

By active engagement and communication with Kosovo non-governmental and other civil society organisations as well as various communities, the KSC aims to counteract some of the communication challenges associated with managing relocated proceedings All Tender Procedures, Requests for Expression of Interest and Requests for Information published here are open to public tendering.