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16-Sep-2020 08:07

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) and noted that a new icon appeared in member profiles: In amongst Send Mail, Send Smile, etc., there now appeared “Date Me”.

My investigation revealed that this feature was just what it seemed: The ability to interact live with other members, and to actually experience things together.

(Play games, etc.) This feature is powered by Omni Date, who describes it as a “plug & play communication technology that transforms traditional dating and social networking sites into a 3D virtual dating experience (patent pending).” The coolest feature is that you can create a “3D” avatar in (more or less) your own image. I just uploaded a photo of my face, then adjusted the position of a series of colored crosshairs. I submitted my photo, and the initial result was hilarious: an avatar that kind of resembled me but younger and with a huge mop of hair: I adjusted my hair and wardrobe.

For this to work really well, more customization is required.

And to my delight, it wasn’t long before someone accepted my invitation… But they didn’t make it to my end.) There are a couple of games you can play on a date…

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