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Both Marvin Gaye and Valerie Simpson gave different stories on how the production of Terrell's and Gaye's third album together, Easy, went about.According to reports, Terrell had gotten so ill from her operations that she could not record, and Motown opted to have Valerie Simpson sub in for Terrell, a report that was repeated in the book Marvin Gaye: What's Going On and the Last Days of the Motown Sound.

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During a tour in which she opened for The Temptations, Terrell met the band's lead singer David Ruffin and embarked on a torrid romance.One night on the road Tammi left Brown after he mercilessly beat her for not watching his entire performance. Tammi left him because she didn't want her butt whipped", said Bennett.Bobby Bennett, former member of the Famous Flames, witnessed the assault. After this tenure ended, Terrell signed with Checker Records and released the Bert Berns-produced "If I Would Marry You", a duet with Jimmy Radcliffe, which Terrell co-composed.However, on October 14, 1967, while performing with Gaye at Hampden–Sydney College, After recovering from her first surgery, Terrell returned to Hitsville studios in Detroit and recorded "You're All I Need to Get By".

Both that song and "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing", reached No. Despite Terrell's optimism, her tumor worsened requiring more surgeries.There are also rumors reported by others in Detroit such as by Ruffin's former road manager that Ruffin also hit Terrell in the head with a hammer, which further complicated her unknown condition. Gaye would later cite the song as "one of Tammi's favorites".