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01-Nov-2020 20:15

Not only are they animated, but they also have sound effects!

It makes for some very interesting moments, although don't overuse them or people might get annoyed with you.

Ah yes, almost forgot, when you can also engage in a group webcam chat.

So, I already mentioned how you can make it so everyone is viewing you, well, the other thing you can do is you can view at least five people's live video feeds all at once while you are broadcasting your own. This can make things VERY interesting, if you know what I mean!

Okay, I think I'm about done with this, and it already seems almost too long anyway, so I shall leave you with one last bit of advice...

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There are also gifts, and you can buy them with credits which you save up automatically for free - the longer you are active, the more you get. You can also use these crazy cool animated emoticons.Whether you're looking for free cams, adult chat rooms or even webcam porn, you'll find it all right here.

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