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Hagler contends the tape is his private property and that the original was stolen from his office by a former secretary.

Hagler's attorney, Roger Jenne, said afterward that the hearing was fair, although Brown did not return the original recording to Hagler immediately, as requested."We think we will get it in the future," Jenne said.

Tom Griscom, publisher and executive editor of the Chattanooga newspaper, said he was satisfied with the two days of arguments for release of the tapes."I believe we made a strong case that the tape by Judge Hagler is a public record," Griscom said.

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Chattanooga police who investigated the recording in late 2005 said it "sounded like someone being tortured" but they concluded it wasn't connected to a crime. Bill Phillips says, "I guarantee it would be."Two years later, with changes in the top echelons of the Chattanooga Police Department, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the FBI office in Chattanooga, the tape made its way to Bebb in Hagler's district."John said this had been a demon ... An objection stopped him from elaborating on Hagler's comment."I told her not to ever be alone with him," Rogers said.