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Later, she said during an interview with the Des Moines Register in September of 2010: ”It’s great to have him.He gives me a life outside of gymnastics and a distraction, and he’s my biggest supporter and cheerleader and he keeps me grounded.

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Even though she had a knee injury untreated while skiing which sabotaged her plans, all that time in the gym was not a waste of time!“With Chad, I think I wanted it to be serious,” she admitted to Us Weekly, adding, “But I couldn’t handle it.He did some dating show [VH1’s Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch].I started to realize this wasn’t the person for me.

But I kept the diamond necklace he gave me for my birthday!East graduated from North Central in 2010, and is pursuing his engineering degree at Vanderbilt, Andrew was named in the 2013 SEC Academic Honor Roll.