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In U rs Uilc 15 — Uloh linc-Focnlel- In, wet; Kocnielio-ldnho Pall K, w«t. Budget Under the lottery legislation, An- dms must appoint a chairman am’ Qtlicr members of a’loltery commis- sion.

He noted that that sjon with Congress arc usually high- frireign investors' fears have been es L citcd’QS a primary cause for-thc — 'By-Eaater-(March-26)-wo'l I-be - "Black Monday" .He did not show up for the meet- ing, and board members called that irresponsible.He said ho was notified the Thurs- ' day before the scheduled meeting, whidrdld Tiot give him-cnoagh"timc— to get off work to attend. ASPHAIT SYSTB6 OF H)AHO 733^13 Group looks at liability of contaminating water BOISE (AP) — A Icpslative study committee is considering a proposal to make it clear exactly who will be liable if some sort of contaminant gets into underground water sup- plies.More fish on wai; — Cl Oakley goes for A4 title ■ — Bl Inside today , 4/26/ R9 5Pnp Ten "''l-VAR COSP -=0 3352 S JRD T L/^m^ 83rd year, No. 23, forecast ’a sharp fall in the dollar — The institute said that in addition but may meet sooner, if the 44 county as much as 20 percent to 25 percent, to eliminating the federal budget- clerks submit their official election Inflation, double-digit interest rates, deficit, the new administration must reports before then.

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316 : Twin Falla, Idaho ^ DOE draws 'no confidence' ” . Recession." step up efforts to encourage other ^ - - . , ft took a 7 a.m., meeting of the Washington County Commission, but County CIcrit Mary Kautz was the first clerk to submit a voting report, ft was delivered to the Statehousc early Thursday morning.After a short introduction by Energy Department offi- PETER CETERA Idaho has been a nuclear garbage dump long enough.' - Much of the testimony regarding environmental threats at l NEL in- ' didited that people lacked accurate : information about eastern Ida-, ho site, said Don C^, Energy De-' partnuntmaiid^r of Idaho. He expreued frustration that t he diepartment has been unable to . ediy powerful machine that physi- review all seven of the nnalistlitcs. Production outaido the 10 southwestern counties w as put at 9.a billion pounds, down about a half porcentago point from last year, and yields were oi T- 1,000 pounds from 198'7 to 28,000 pounds per acre. Presumed guilty of DUI before trial Canyonz Counip judge ousted Notice too short for appearance, man says CALDWELL (AP) - Ousted from his post by the voters, Canyon County Mtagistrnte Jack Swafford may have been pre- sumed guilty before he ever went to court Hcrtha Holes of Nam^a learned last summer that Swafford had been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and imme- diately began urging people to vote him out - Hales was outraged that a mag- istrate dispensing justice on drunk driving cases coses could find himself on the opposite side of the bench.