Methodological considerations in the optical dating of quartz

29-Feb-2020 15:16

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(in Chinese with English abstract)Ma Yuzhen, Liu Kam-biu, Feng Zhaodong, Meng Hongwei, Sang Yanli, Wang Wei and Zhang Hucai. Vegetation changes and associated climate variations during the past ~38,000 years reconstructed from the Shaamar eolian-paleosol section, northern Mongolia.

methodological considerations in the optical dating of quartz-7

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Quantitative study on sand flow by wind in Takla Makan desert. Atmospheric Environment 39(4):739-747, doi:10.5572/ajae.2010.4.3.189Ma Chang-Jin, Tohno, S., Kasahara, M. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 217(4):657-665, doi:10.1016/20Ma Chang-Jin. Chemical composition of a yellowish rainfall by the application of PIXE and micro-PIXE technique (Note: dust rain). Spatial distribution of chloride and nitrate within an unsaturated dune sand of a cold-arid desert: Implications for paleoenvironmental records. Spatial distribution of soil moisture at unsaturated zone in megadunes, southeast of Badian Jaran Desert.

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