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Sarah and Lisa add that as Marine wives they did their part, that they played the game but all they got back were two sealed caskets and no information from their husbands's command. As it turns out, Di Nozzo has lost his security clearance due to his paperwork being screwed up with that of another agent's. Kate tells it's not a problem and that she only wishes her warranty covers bullets before dumping her now-ruined PDA in the bin. As he leaves, Kate remarks that his body language matches of someone telling the truth. As they're heading back to the car, Gibbs's phone rings. As it turns out, the fake Lieutenant Colonel Walsh's a tall, Caucasian man in his mid-forties while the real Lieutenant Colonel Walsh's an African-American man in his early forties.

As a result, the admin of NCIS believe that Di Nozzo died in a car crash the previous month and now Di Nozzo has to go get a medical to get his clearance back. While Gibbs does that, it shows Kate glancing at her PDA which has a single bullet hole right through the center and she looks very sad at the realization her PDA is no more. They eventually arrive at Quantico where they meet Lt. He tells the team that Kidwell and Peary were in Central America on a mission and as such, went native to preserve their respective careers but a prostitute killed them with formaldehyde, supposedly over an unpaid bill. It's Abby who tells him that the NCIS techs installing the trace on the Kidwells's line discovered another trace and they tried to get to the location but Gibbs figures out it came from the Marine Base at Quantico. The real Walsh has no idea how his men died nor does have any idea who they were working for and every inquiry he has made so far has been shot down.

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Abby is on the verge of losing her cool when Gibbs comes in, carrying Abby's Caf-Pow and breaks up the argument much to Abby's relief. Surprisingly, Kate puts herself forward as the person to do it and tells Gibbs that Tony has a much better grip on the program than she does.

She tells Tony that his security clearance isn't high enough and when she wonders how the Marine died, Tony tells her that's what Gibbs wants him to find out.

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