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01-Feb-2020 20:39

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The good news is, that you can create the connector in Microsoft Flow, and once it's working, you can export it to a Swagger file with everything you configured.If you don't have Swagger definition for your API, you should definitely export your connector and store it somewhere safe in case something changes and you need to restore it to its previous state.But using the standard connectors will take you only that far.

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When you click the button, a context menu appears, allowing you to edit properties of the particular property, which is necessary in case you want to change its data type or visibility in the Flow editor.And the best part of it all is, that using Microsoft Flow doesn't require programming skills, which makes it a very appealing tool for non-developer audiences. When you start using Microsoft Flow, you can choose of tens of first and third party connectors and templates Microsoft made available for you to build your flows.