My own dating website dating services calgary alberta

04-Aug-2020 10:12

Moreover, all the members on this software solution are housed like products meaning members pages do not even really exist as URLs.

Wordpress while robust as a CMS it is not suitable for a dating site!

Meaning you will never be able to change without writing a whole new custom code.

Talk to a experienced coder after they see the code and they will tell you.

There is but a few solutions short of coding an entire script yourself that really works to start a scale-able online dating site in 2015 without breaking the bank I am talking about White Labeling a dating site.

Also realize all the money you invest you will own nothing with a white label solution.

Go ahead and research the solution, but when you find out that it will cost you about $ 7,000 in customizing and coding, of which you can hire someone to code a site in php of Javescript for just a bit more, you’ll be back to square one.

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