Nebraska laws on dating

17-Sep-2020 18:19

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Tag(s): The county clerk of each county in the state shall record all such returns of such marriages in a book to be kept for that purpose within one month after receiving the returns.

Tag(s): In law, marriage is considered a civil contract, to which the consent of the parties capable of contracting is essential.

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As one of the most conservative of states, Nebraska is still an unfriendly ground for any shape or form of marijuana or CBD legislation, and the state lacks a medical marijuana program despite recent efforts succeeding in decriminalizing small possession of the drug. Hemp-derived CBD products are legal under Federal Law in the United States.

736; Laws 1976, LB 990, § 1; Laws 1986, LB 1177, § 14; Laws 1989, LB 22, § 1. The county clerk shall be justified in issuing the license, without further proof, upon receiving an affidavit setting forth the facts with reference to the conditions above specified and giving consent to the marriage, signed by the person authorized to give written consent under such circumstances. Tag(s): When either party is a minor, no license shall be granted without the written consent under oath of: (1) Either one of the parents of such minor, if the parents are living together; (2) the parent having the legal custody of such minor, if the parents are living separate and apart from each other; (3) the surviving parent, if one of the parents of such minor is deceased; or (4) the guardian, conservator, or person under whose care and government such minor may be, if both parents of such minor are deceased or if such guardian, conservator, or person has the legal and actual custody of such minor. S.1943, § 42-113; Laws 1977, LB 40, § 225; Laws 1986, LB 525, § 10.

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The clerk or keeper of the minutes, proceedings, or other book of the religious society in which such marriage shall be had, or if there be no such clerk or keeper of the minutes, then the moderator or person presiding in such society, shall make out and transmit to the county clerk of the county a certificate of the marriage, and the same shall be recorded in the same manner as is provided in sections 42-108 to 42-112. In particular, the failing in getting enough votes to move forward with a ballot initiative has pushed third parties, like Legal Marijuana Now (LMN) to change tactics and promote their own political candidates with a more open mind in regards of marijuana legislation.