Nfs export list not updating

23-Apr-2020 09:34

rsize=n The maximum number of bytes in each network READ request that the NFS client can receive when reading data from a file on an NFS server.The actual data payload size of each NFS READ request is equal to or smaller than the rsize setting.If the timeo option is not specified, infrequently used request types are retried after 1.1 seconds.After each retransmission, the NFS client doubles the timeout for that request, up to a maximum timeout length of 60 seconds.For NFS file system mounts, a line in the /etc/fstab file specifies the server name, the path name of the exported server directory to mount, the local directory that is the mount point, the type of file system that is being mounted, and a list of mount options that control the way the filesystem is mounted and how the NFS client behaves when accessing files on this mount point.The fifth and sixth fields on each line are not used by NFS, thus conventionally each contain the digit zero.However, the effective rsize value negotiated by the client and server is reported in the /proc/mounts file.wsize=n The maximum number of bytes per network WRITE request that the NFS client can send when writing data to a file on an NFS server.

The mount(8) command attaches a file system to the system's name space hierarchy at a given mount point.If an rsize value is not specified, or if the specified rsize value is larger than the maximum that either client or server can support, the client and server negotiate the largest rsize value that they can both support.The rsize mount option as specified on the mount(8) command line appears in the /etc/mtab file.NB: A so-called "soft" timeout can cause silent data corruption in certain cases.

As such, use the soft option only when client responsiveness is more important than data integrity.

Specified rsize values lower than 1024 are replaced with 4096; values larger than 1048576 are replaced with 1048576.