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Starting off saving Roman from his Albanian Mob loan sharks, he eventually became a contract killer with a net worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars, having made connections to several underworld members.

Some of his famous victims were Pegorino crime family boss Jimmy Pegorino, his capo Ray Boccino, Russian Mafia bosses Dimitri Rascalov and Mikhail Faustin, and dozens of other major organized crime figures.

Around this time, the FBI began to gather intelligence on his operations in the Adriatic, and began to type files on his criminal activities.

His cousin Roman Bellic, who lived in New York City in the United States, wrote to him often and told him that he lived in a mansion and had a wealthy lifestyle.

Niko, Florian Cravic, and Darko Brevic were the only survivors of the ambush by the enemy forces.

Niko determined that one of the squad members had sold the rest of the squad out, and sought to put his past behind him by finding them and encountering them.

One day, a ship sunk and he had to swim for his life, and Bulgarin blamed for the loss of his money on the sinking ship.

With Bulgarin wanting Niko dead, Niko decided to flee his homeland.

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Niko became pessimistic about his future in America, but Roman told him to go see him at his cab depot, where he could have a job.

A veteran of the Yugoslav Wars, he became an employee of Russian Mafia boss Ray Bulgarin after he failed to find a postwar job, but the two later fell out when Bulgarin blamed the loss of several diamonds on him.

Later, he immigrated to America in search of a man who sold out his squad of fifteen boys during the Yugoslav Wars, in addition to fleeing from Bulgarin and moving in with his cousin Roman Bellic to pursue the American Dream.

He drove back to the depot, losing the loan sharks en route without harming them as his instincts dictated.

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He found out that Roman lost the money, but he was ready to win the next game.He was introduced to Roman's Puerto Rican girlfriend Mallorie Bardas.