23-Sep-2020 11:25

Topical ipratropium, a prescription anticholinergic, relieves nasal symptoms in older children and adults.Antibiotics have not been shown to improve symptoms or shorten illness duration.

Among available complementary treatments, vitamin C prophylaxis may decrease the severity and duration of cold symptoms; however, vitamin C, zinc, and Echinacea are not recommended for active treatment.

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Female, 32 Weight 52 kg , Height 1.65m I’m having a lot of issues with my...

Dextromethorphan may be beneficial in adults with cough, but its effectiveness has not been demonstrated in children and adolescents.

Codeine has not been shown to effectively treat cough caused by the common cold.Furthermore, the number of participants often is small, interventions vary from individual to combination medications, compliance often is not addressed, single or multiple symptom outcomes are used, and outcomes are subjectively reported in some studies and objectively reported in others.