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Fittingly, the production is its own hybrid, blending live tracks with chopped-up samples (or, in the case of “We Fight/We Love,” what sounds like a rhythm loop lifted from an old Boz Scaggs record that’s right on the tip of this writer’s tongue.

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Well, actually, no: while it may not contain any paradigm-shifting classics, and perhaps not even Q-Tip would argue that it’s a masterpiece, the album is a rock-solid collection of smart lyrics, often brilliant production, deftly chosen guest spots, and Q-Tip’s typically matchless flow.

When I'm not being frisked by the police, I'm trying to bounce 12 balls in the air at once- Love, Truth, Giving, Charity, Faith, Humour, Humility, Coping, Resilience, Fairness, Sadness, and Happiness, all while breathing and living as best a Christian life as I can.