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24-Jan-2020 05:15

Delete Method="Delete Pipeline User" Insert Method="Save Pipeline User" Select Method="Get Pipeline User" Type Name="PTCPipeline.

Common" Update Method="Save Pipeline User" On Inserting="obj Common_Inserting" On Updating="obj Common_Updating" This means that the First Name column from your db will be printed in the column.

Right now it flashes for a postback, but the page does not update. Hello, to set the Style - Attribute of my custom controls tag in source view from within its designer i use now the following code: Behavior.

Even a response.redirect would be fine, but I can't seem to find the right event to use. Set Style Attribute("Left", false, val, true); This works fine but my visual studio 2005 / 2.0 says that the Behavior object is obsolete. But when i use it to set the Style attribute it doesn't work .

I'm extremely leary now of using the Object Data Source object for anything if it's going to be this much of an effort.

Anyway, thanks again for any advice or tips on what might done to get this to work correctly.

I have a hard time fathoming why this seemingly simple use of the Grid View on my part has turned out to be very complicated.

However, it also pulls the entered value from the textbox when you are updating and sends it to your Object Data Source's Update Method.