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03-Feb-2020 21:24

Who could not have imagined, then, that some hardy, enterprising soul would see in this population a market gap? Actually, this site claims to have been "serving inmates since 1998," yet the service had somehow passed me by until today's Daily Mail brought its full glory to my attention.Meet-An-Inmate allows you to peruse not merely profiles, but pictures of those who may or may not have been locked up for a long time.For there is a Free Inmate Locator, which purports to offer official details of the incarcerated from 42 states. Some might say, indeed, that Meet-An-Inmate is more honest.You might be wondering, though, how the inmates present themselves. At least there, you know about some of the bad things the hopeful lovers have done in their lives.On the surface, these sites profess to specialize in connecting people behind bars with those seeking pen pals.Behind this façade, sites with names like act as bridges that transform long-distance friends into lovers.While he encourages people to befriend prisoners through his site, Bischke stresses that those who engage with the incarcerated need to be cautious.“This is meet-an-inmate.com, not meet-a-girl-scout.com!People can get an image of what they think a person is like from a photo, description and a few letters,” Bischke warned.

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Indeed, despite only enjoying 5 percent of the world's human beings, the United States seems to be home to almost a quarter of all the world's prisoners.

One compelling prospect, Israel Cosme, age 30, displays his perfectly toned chest to visitors of telling all takers, “I love to laugh and have been told I have a great sense of humor.”Precious Johnson in her profile on the same site cracks a cute smile above the message: “I am looking for a nice, patient, funny, and understanding man for a genuine friendship that could possibly lead to more.”Few prisoners in the United States have Internet access; therefore, for the incarcerated to make that special connection online, someone on the outside must get them started. With fees in the range of -75, prisoner dating sites charge willing friends to list an inmate’s vital statistics on the web — or the company can mail the necessary forms to the wannabe lover behind bars who then mails them in.