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21-Mar-2020 14:36

“Getting an ugly girl still validates me,” Rod openly admits.

He describes himself as a “self serving scoundrel” and a “sexual sadist,” but he justifies his actions saying, “I’m not physically hurting anybody.” What exactly becomes “abnormal” behavior when we display our personal information on public profiles?

He’ll start talking to five different girls and see how far he can go with them.

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“I’m okay going to bed knowing that I destroyed someone’s feelings,” admits Rod.“There are genuine people on there, but there are also complete savages,” explains Julie.Julie believes that Tinder’s hook ups are very common for “that one-night stand in college.” She says, “Other sites are more for finding relationships.” She realizes the dangers and down-sides to online dating; especially for girls.He brings the term “catfishing” to a whole new level. According to, 10 percent of sex offenders are using online dating sites to meet people.

While he isn’t completely lying; he is most definitely manipulating. Rod (names have been changed at the request of the sources interviewed) is not a sex offender, but he is an online dating junkie.“I’ve gotten some very strange messages, but for the most part, they are fairly normal conversations,” she says.