Online dating portraits

26-Feb-2020 04:47

Both trainers kept their cool perfectly and the resulting portraits capture the fun we had.

It’s so important to have recent and flattering portraits for your online dating profile.

Your first impression must be eye catching, approachable and accentuate your best features.Do not use snaps from parties that your friends have taken of you on your online dating profile!Book a shoot with a professional photographer who will put you at ease, capture your personality and show the very best version of you!commissioned me to take online dating portraits of personal trainers in Los Angeles as part of their campaign to find the “hottest and healthiest” trainer in LA in association with the American Heart Association.

I’m so pleased to announce that Amanda was the winner and was voted America’s Hottest and Healthiest Trainer – congratulations Amanda!

I’m also a productivity junkie, a life hacker, and can’t seem to settle on a hair style. Poke around to learn more about me and my work, my services, the experience, what clients are saying and other good stuff. I wanted new headshots that captured the energy that I bring to my work teaching sales skills.