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So come on in and claim your steak stake your claim! In other words, we acknowledge R27 isn’t as meaty as you’re used to. There’s also four new block packs in the store to spend those coins on. all coins – your existing and new ones – have been spiked with a 10x multiplier, ‘cause bigger is better (it’s a tradition here in Texas).The new claim system and the revised ore distribution in worlds are only supported for worlds created after this update World v2 worlds (all worlds created after April 8, 2015) DO support the new map feature New Features and Content UI be a little more helpful. But remember, all you early supporters just received a big coin bonus. New Features and Content Great news for all you builders and collectors out there. ) This update also contains the start of a better experience for new players.Check in anytime in the next two weeks and you can get them immediately.You can mix and max pieces from different sets or use other costume pieces in the game.Heads, hats, gauntlets, weapons, and the flashlight are currently supported.We’ll unlock more costume slots and add many more costumes in the future!For the first time in Playful’s history, we are donating a portion of proceeds from the event’s duration to charity, specifically The Make-A-Wish Foundation.That essentially makes this update a fundraiser to support making kids’ life-changing wishes come true. The appearance of your in-game character is no longer tied to equipped armor.

There is a small chance from drops, a better chance if you feed and harvest your pets, and an even better chance if you feed them their favorites!

"Pro" is available for .99 for new players, but if you bought Creativerse before it was free, or if you've ever purchased coins from our store, your account has been upgraded with this R33 to Pro for free.

New Features and Content Creativerse R29 -- STAKE YOUR CLAIM! Have you ever wanted the freedom to invite people to your world without worrying about them stealing your stuff?

Be sure you’ve claimed ‘em before Wednesday, March 14 -- after that you’ll need to wait until they return next year!

💖 New Features and Content An overwhelming majority of our players are running 64-bit operating systems and won't have to do anything but enjoy a more stable gameplay experience.And this is just the beginning of what ended up being a much larger update than we initially planned -- e.g. When hunting for holiday goodies, focus on cold and "arctic" mobs/areas.) Creativerse is now free to play!