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17-Mar-2020 18:03

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star, Kim Richards was caught shoplifting at a Los Angeles Target store.

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She has since moved on and is happily married to John Bluher and makes sporadic guest appearances on the show.

Every one of his statements [is a] self serving, manipulative, flat-out lie.” when her husband Russell Armstrong committed suicide in August 2011 after she filed for divorce.

Afterwards viewers found out what the other housewives had been hinting at, but couldn’t say for the past season — that Taylor and Russell had an extremely abusive marriage.

One of her co-stars came across a book written by one of her ex-husbands who also happened to be an undercover FBI informant, Kevin Maher.

The book is called “Copy Without a Badge” and shared scarring details from Danielle’s criminal past.

Both parents have slammed one another in the tabloids, but it was Tamra who found herself in the unlucky situation of having to defend herself against child abuse accusations.