Recessed lighting and updating

26-Apr-2020 09:09

Incandescent lamps and fixtures are typically the least expensive followed by fluorescent lighting.

LED lighting fixtures and lamps are generally the most expensive of the three.

However if you're installing new light fixtures it probably makes sense to install the correct fixture based on the type of lamp you plan on using long term.

Recessed lights are made up of a variety of parts but there are two main components or groups of parts you should be aware of from a homeowner's perspective: they are the housing and the trim.

It might be helpful to learn more about home lighting in general too.

You can read more about that subject at our home lighting design page.

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They are incandescent, fluorescent and LED where "LED" stands for Light Emitting Diode.In the lighting world "light bulbs" are referred to as "lamps" and I'll use that same naming convention in this article.So when you see the term "lamp", remember that we're talking about what you and I normally refer to as "bulbs".You can use CFL lamps in incandescent fixtures and there are even dimmable CFLs on the market now.

Going one step further, there are also LED lamps and dimmable LED lamps that are available but you'll pay somewhere in the range of to for one lamp.

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