Redmine git repository not updating

10-Jan-2020 05:38

If your configuration is correct, the page should display the most recent repository commits.If you have used Redmine with Subversion before, you probably noticed that Redmine automatically fetches the latest commits each time you visit the Repository section.I have the fetch_changesets running every minute on the crontab: Command failed (return 128): env GIT_SSH=/var/www/redmine/vendor/plugins/redmine_git_hosting/bin/gitolite_admin_ssh git --git-dir='/tmp/redmine_git_hosting/git/gitolite-admin/.git' --work-tree='/tmp/redmine_git_hosting/git/gitolite-admin' merge FETCH_HEAD *** This may not be specifically related to the original problem, but I honestly don't really know where to begin debugging this. This version of the plugin attempts to reesatablish the gitolite key, which it is currently failing to do.

I discovered a problem today with my installation when a user who was trying to register and clone a Git repo.

Basically, when you open the Repository page, Redmine contacts the remote SVN repository and asks for the latest revision number.