Referenced dlls not updating Keralasex webcam

30-Aug-2020 10:24

To avoid these errors, it is better in these cases to add project-to-project references.

For more information, see Programming with assemblies.

static void Display Attributes(Int32 indent, Member Info^ mi) void main() // The output shown below is abbreviated. ICollection // Member: get_Is Synchronized // Member: get_Sync Root // Member: get_Count // Member: Copy To // Parameter: Type=System. Int32, Name=index // Member: Count // Accessor method: Int32 get_Count() // Member: Sync Root // Accessor method: System. Object, Name=value // Member: Clear // Member: get_Is Read Only // Member: get_Is Fixed Size // Member: Index Of // Parameter: Type=System. Object ' Member: Get Hash Code ' Member: Equals ' Parameter: Type=System. Object get_Sync Root() ' Member: Is Synchronized ' Accessor method: Boolean get_Is Synchronized() ' Important Starting with the .

Installing the component on the second computer will correct the error.

For more information about how to use references to COM components in your projects, see COM interoperability in .

If projects are shared on different computers, some references might not be found when a component is located in a different directory on each computer.

References are stored under the name of the component file (for example, ) is appended to the Reference Path project property.The Reference Path property is persisted for each user on each computer.