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21-Nov-2019 06:31

While I might not know what I’m missing out on, , as a ticking time-bomb.I was just my own person, confident in herself, who knew what she was looking for and knew what she valued.Because I know this isn’t an arrangement or everyone, and I know that for some people a healthy and regular sex life with intercourse is an incredibly important element in their partnership.All good, we’re not all the right fit for each other.Even into my adulthood, with a well-activated sexuality brewing in me, I still remained a virgin in my dating life.

More than anything, the feminist in me was really annoyed that the church expected me to basically remain “untainted of any sexual experience” until came along to “unlock the gift that is my sexuality”. Sexuality is human and beautiful and a wonderful thing.

It just means you both weren't the right fit for one another. I was actually pleasantly surprised a lot of the time. Mind you, there’s a lot of grey area between absolutely no sexual contact, and straight up first love.

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One of the reasons why younger women go for older men is because they are aware that they will be given respect as a partner and as an individual.… continue reading »

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