Relative dating superposition

22-Nov-2019 16:01

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nderstanding of the geologic effects of Earthquakes on Earth’s strata, “The Geologic History of New York State” table in the “Earth Science Reference Tables”, electrophoresis, function and structure of the DNA molecule.

Additionally, students may be given, as a follow-up assignment, a web adventure that supports the methods of relative dating techniques.

Students may be asked to hand in a summary of their experiences at the following link: 2 All students will understand and apply scientific concepts, principles, and theories pertaining to the physical setting Standard 5.1 All students will understand the interrelationships between science and technology and develop a conceptual understanding of nature and process of technology.

As you facilitate group inquiry you should ensure the understanding that the DNA matches, between the unknown creatures’ DNA samples and the known organisms’ DNA samples, indicate that they most likely existed about the same time, and therefore within the same rock layer.

Finally they should apply what they have gathered in order to correctly arrange the rock layers on their worksheet entitled “The Order Mat”. A summary of students’ findings should be explored, and steps they took to find the correct order of the rock layers, placed on the chalkboard in a flow chart.

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Student responses about the type of information on the handout should be elicited, followed by an explanation. Student’s should be asked to cut out each rock layer, and attempt to arrange them into chronological order, on the worksheet entitled “The Order Mat”, based on the information on the worksheet “Build It Up”.

Being able to determine when a particular organism existed, for example by comparing samples of DNA through electrophoresis, within particular geologic strata, layers of rock can be correlated to reveal the sequence of changes the Earth’s crust experienced.

The correctly ordered layers of strata often reveal an untold story of our planet’s hidden history and perhaps a look at its future.

This lesson serves to allow for a preliminary integration of current laboratory assays and Earth Science content.

If all materials necessary to have students actually run their own gels is available, this lesson may effectively be modified to accommodate such inquiry.Students should be asked what difficulties in doing a correct horizontal correlation exist.

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