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It was used on my 28 lbs Raleigh Grand Prix, circa 1972, and the USA Record Ace, a low-level bike in the USA, circa 1978.In the 23.5" size those frames were pretty light & set up for racing, while I intend to leave the carrier and add either saddle bags or a large seat bag for utility.I might even use it, occasionally, to commute.) I like the handlebars, and I'll probably use them on another bike.That may be why I got a "good" deal on it, in the first place.)So, now, the build can commence. One is a "Record Ace" and I know that the tubing is Reynolds 20-30.

The front had one tiny dent in it, otherwise they are in excellent shape. If the picture will enlarge (it's kinda random, with Blogger) I think you can see the "lugged" stem pretty well. It's basically the same frame as a frame I built up as a fixie and loaned to BC a couple of years ago.Raleigh has always been a great supporter of the local bike shop, especially when it comes to buying bikes and accessories or answering questions.We know that you are happier customers when you receive advice and support face to face.This one will have drop bars, although I will retain the stem, if at all possible.

It is quite nice, with a "lugged" look, and good chrome. I love the orangey color, but it is badly faded, in places. If I do, I will mask this panel off and retain the Raleigh decal.For that reason we recommend that your first stop for customer service or warranty questions should be with your local Raleigh store.