Roullette dating

18-Feb-2020 15:59

We see the moment when they became best friends and then the story takes place more than 10 years later as the two of them are working full time and sharing an apartment. They have both dated o4.5 Stars Review by Jen Skewes D. There is not one book of hers that I have read and not loved. Tristan and Bexley have been best friends since high school. Bexley agrees to date him, knowing herself that there is so much more to their friendship. Bex had a rhythm to her dates and they all followed the same short-lived pattern. When Tristan realizes that he wants to be the guy to make it past date seven, and wants to be more than just best friends, he asks her out on a date, making himself very clear how he wants things to go.

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Two bst friends crossing that line of friendship can either be the greatest love story or a complete disaster. I loved this book for so many reasons, but I think that me love begins with the two main characters. Tristan has watched as Bex has taken guys through the wringer trying to find what her parents have, and none of them making it past the 7th date.

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